Parent Education

1,2,3 Magic

This program encourages positive behavior, independence and self-esteem while giving parents the tools to manage difficult behaviors in children. This program is recommended for children ages 2-12 and also provides a guide for teachers if you and your child’s educator would like to work together on modifying a behavior.

Active Parenting: First Five Years

A workshop for parents with children ages birth to five — 4 Sessions

No one is born knowing how to parent. It’s something we learn growing up, and sometimes we need a little support to become the parents we wish to be. This class addresses basic skills for new parents, caregivers, and early childhood staff.

Active Parenting for Stepfamilies

A course to assist & support blending families — 6 Sessions

This video-based program aims to help couples work together to raise children in an often challenging stepfamily environment. You will learn how to use powerful communication and negotiation skills to strengthen marriage and family. Active for Stepfamilies is also useful for foster parents, adoptive parents, single parents and others affected by loss and change.

Alcohol, Anger & Abuse

Group-based prevention sessions for parents & professionals — 5 Sessions

This innovative community-based training program for parents and professionals explores the understanding and prevention of the relationship between alcohol and other drug use and child abuse and neglect.

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