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FARMINGTON, April 14, 2022 – The Franklin County Children’s Task Force has announced that as of next Friday April 22nd their clothing exchange will close. The Clothing Exchange began in the late 1980’s; a time where families, who were experiencing struggle could find clean clothing in good condition free of charge. You bring a bag, take a bag. The Exchange was funded through the County Commissioners funding source and later the United Way. The lack of continued funding this year has required the leadership of the agency to make some difficult decisions. Operate at a loss for a 3rd straight year or close the doors. The Executive Director Renee Whitley brought the dilemma to her staff and board of directors to come up with a way to keep it open, after weeks of discussion and brainstorming the decision was made to close it.
“It became a regular occurrence to come in on a Monday, or any morning to 20 garbage bags of clothing on our porch, it was so overwhelming we had to rent space to store items, we had to cart it back and forth between storage sheds and the office, have someone sort, fold and put away clothing and then monitor what went on during the visits the public made. Daily folding, stocking, travel and clean up became unmanageable. In addition to all that, we started having some people drop garage sale left overs that we couldn’t get rid of and it was costing us money to dispose of the items” said Whitley “When the latest round of funding for the Children’s Task Force and Exchange was denied we knew we had to do something. The bottom line is we can’t continue to provide needed services and items without the money needed to do it. Fiscal responsibility requires a balanced budget.”
The Children’s Task Force will begin its Free Summer Clothing Giveaways to deplete its accumulated donations and will discontinue taking donations effective immediately. The first giveaway is scheduled for May 13th from 9:00-1:00.

NEW: Dress Swap!

Bring in your old-to-you dresses from previous years (from Father Daughter Dances, semi formal, prom, etc) to the Children’s Task Force throughout the year.


💛 The Father Daughter Dances take place in March, so on a date to be determined in February, we will open our “Dress Shop” to the public!

💛 In February, browse through the dresses and find one to wear to the Father Daughter Dance that lights up your daughters eyes (without having to break into the bank account)


We hope that this event will give all of your beautiful dresses a new home and will help relieve the stress of buying new dresses each year, to inevitably only wear them once or twice.



Our building is located directly behind Reny’s in Farmington at 113 Church St. which is a one way street entering from Main St by turning by Java Joe’s.


View map and get door to door directions on Google Maps

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