PCAVT Healthy Relationships Project:

FCCTF is the designated child abuse prevention agency in Franklin County. We see the prevention of child sexual abuse as of the utmost importance. The developmentally targeted PCAVT Healthy Relationships Project utilizes health-focused strategies that match children and youth’s social-emotional level and increase protective factors such as communication skills, empathy and knowledge of support systems, eliminating the messaging that puts the burden on children to protect themselves without regard to both the developmental levels of children and the dynamics of abuse.

Digital Citizenship/Internet Safety:

This program is designed for parents, students, and educators and is intended to inform them of the challenges presented by the ever-increasing use of the Internet by young adults. Using a series of strategies, the program is delivered in schools through individual classroom and group presentations, and is also offered to school personnel. Presentations for parents are delivered upon request at prearranged Internet Safety Nights throughout Franklin County.


Mandated Reporter Training:

Topics to be covered include: the roles and responsibilities of being a Mandated Reporter under Maine law; how to identify risk factors and indicators of child abuse and/or neglect; and how to make a report if abuse and/or neglect are suspected.

Protective Factors/Strengthening Maine Families:

A program grounded in research that has identified the important Protective Factors that strengthen every growing family.

Learn more about these Protective Factors:

Parental Resilience

Social Connections

Knowledge of Parent and Child Development

Concrete Supports in Times of Need

Social and Emotional Competence of Children

Healthy Parent Child Relationships

Safe Sleep:

Is your baby sleeping safely? Learn more about the top 10 tips for a safe sleep environment, and see firsthand what “safe sleep” looks like.

Period of Purple Crying:

A new way to help parents better understand this part of their baby’s life, which is a normal stage of every infant’s development.

Contact us to schedule a date for your staff today!

All trainings are scheduled at your convenience before, during, or after work hours at the location of your choosing. Many businesses utilize their staff meetings and training days for these professional development opportunities. Community trainings are also available for individuals and families upon request.


Rileigh Blanchet, Community Coordinator,

Emily Chaney, Parent Engagement Specialist,

Doug Saunders, Manager of Educational Initiatives,

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