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Games to play with your child
Mealtime Management
Picky Eaters
Selecting a Child Care Center
Sibling Rivalry
Smart Guide to Kids TV
Success at School
The Over Scheduling Myth

Infants & toddlers
Advice for New Parents
Brain Development
Is My Baby Getting Enough Milk?
Reading to Babbies and Toddlers
Skin to Skin
Sleep and Newborns
Toddler Development
Toilet Training Tips

Holiday tips
Holiday Stress


Home Alone
Recognizing Abuse
Tips for Teaching Children Personal Safety Skills
What is in a First Aid Kit

Seasonal safety
Summer Safety Tips
Winter Safety Tips

Step-parenting & divorce
Helping Infants and Toddlers Adjust to Divorce

Dealing with Lying
Miserable Saint or Happy Monster
Positive Discipline
Teaching Discipline
Time in Time out
Time Outs

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Child Development

The Growing Years
PBS Whole Child
Zero to Three

Kids Health
Parents as Teachers

UME Cooperative Extension


Eat Well
USDA A-Z Topics

2009 Car Safety Seat Guidelines

American Academy of Pediatrics
Safe Kids

Family Resources
FCCTF Links to Community
Child and Family Web Guide

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on Facebook. The purpose of the Parent Café FCCTF Facebook is for parents to ask questions and feel supported by other parents in the community.  The Parent Café is not meant to take the place of a medical or social service professional but instead provide friendly chat, story sharing and answers to those pesky parenting questions.  The FCCTF staff will, at times provide feedback and answers to questions but the café is meant to be a place for parents to get the support they need in their daily interactions with their children. I encourage everyone who uses this Parent Café to remember that we are a child friendly organization that prides itself on promoting positive interactions between parent and child. So share stories, recipes, low cost activities and general feelings about parenting.  You may submit questions and discuss with other parents.

If you have a Facebook account search for "children's task force" to go the Children's Task Force Facebook and post a question or comment.

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